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Class ClassGenerationCache

  extended by sf.qof.util.ClassGenerationCache

public final class ClassGenerationCache
extends Object

Caches generated classes according to a specified key. ClassGenerationCache is thread-safe. Classes are cached separately for each class loader.

Method Summary
static Class<?> getCachedClass(Class<?>... key)
          Returns a cached class for a specified key.
static void putCachedClass(Class<?> clazz, Class<?>... key)
          Puts a class into the class cache specified by a key.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Method Detail


public static Class<?> getCachedClass(Class<?>... key)
Returns a cached class for a specified key. If no class can be found for the specified key null is returned and the key is marked for generation. If a key is marked for generation by another thread this method waits till the other thread completes generation.

key - key for the cached class
the cached class or null if not found


public static void putCachedClass(Class<?> clazz,
                                  Class<?>... key)
Puts a class into the class cache specified by a key. If the class is null the key is removed.

clazz - the cached class
key - the key

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